Travel Registration & Planning

Brigham Young University’s International Travel Management System (ITMS) allows you to register your trip abroad with BYU. ITMS Registration is simple.  If you have booked your flight and other information through BYU’s Travel Office, your itinerary, accommodations and transportation will automatically populate into the registration system. You also have the option of entering in the information manually.  We encourage you to book through BYU Travel and put into the registration system your locations, local contact information and itinerary.   This way, BYU can contact you and help you in the event of an emergency abroad.

An additional function of the International Travel Management System is to provide simple and convenient trip planning tools in order to help BYU travelers create and manage their trip itineraries. ITMS allows you to plan out and edit every detail of your trip in a calendar form, from transportation and accommodation details to trip activities, including major excursions.


Use ITMS to register and plan your trip abroad here


STEP is a free travel registration service provided by the US Department of State that allows US citizens to enroll their foreign travel with the nearest US Embassy or Consulate. Enrolling in STEP will allow you to receive current travel warnings, alerts and special advisories directly from the US embassy while you are in-country. By registering with STEP, the US embassy in your destination will know how to get a hold of you in case of an emergency , such as a natural disaster, civil unrest, or a family emergency back home. 


Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program here